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About Villeroy & Boch

Based in Germany, Villeroy & Boch is one of the largest producers of premium porcelain and ceramic products worldwide. Family-owned since 1748, Villeroy & Boch is an award-wining, innovative company rooted in a time-honored tradition.

Over its 267-year history Villeroy & Boch has become known as a trusted international lifestyle brand offering tabletop and sophisticated home décor products for your contemporary lifestyle.

From ceramic tiles on the Titanic and in New York’s Holland Tunnel and in Moscow's Bolshoi Theater to custom dinnerware on luxurious Orient Express trains and the Pope's table in Vatican, Villeroy & Boch has left its mark in history. For generations, our dinnerware has graced the tables of crowned European royalty, and has been a staple in renowned hotels and restaurants on every continent.

Maintaining its high-profile today, Villeroy & Boch often appear in some of your favorite shows and movies such as House of Cards, American Horror Story, Ocean's Eleven, The Hundred Foot Journey and many more.

Bridal Registry: Fine China for the Modern Bride
Villeroy & Boch is proud to bring our passion for setting the perfect table to one of the most celebrated, adored and timeless traditions of all: marriage. With our gift registry, new brides can request all of their favorite products from our elegant, top-quality dinnerware and décor lines.

All of our collections are offered as “open stock”, so you can create your own unique home statement with our fine china or everyday premium porcelain dinnerware.

Villeroy & Boch in Your Home
Dining with your loved ones, whether it be a casual lunch or a formal dinner party, is a time-honored tradition that we are always proud to be a part of. From our table to yours, we hope that you enjoy the beauty, versatility and remarkable variety of Villeroy & Boch dinnerware and home décor that we have to offer. Whether you gravitate towards a modern minimal look, prefer a chic nature-inspired appeal, or desire a classic traditional aesthetic, Villeroy & Boch products are sure to complement your lifestyle. Choose Villeroy & Boch confidently knowing that we are a brand of longstanding history, premium European quality and the utmost integrity.

Shop our fine selection of dinnerware and décor today and join us in our passion for crafting the most appealing of tablescapes in your very own home.

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